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Ray, Where the Flyin’ Have You Been??

I’m so sorry for my absence, dear friends – it’s not easy taking over the world…(“Even smiling makes my face ache.” — Dr. Frankenfurter, Rocky Horror Picture Show). Seriously, Mercury’s getting his gloves on and I think his manager’s absent … Continue reading

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The Quakes of Japan — We Feel It, Too

I’m not just talking about empathy. I mean, unless there’s something really messed up with your frontal lobe, how can anyone not sympathize with the pain and suffering of our fellow human beings? I’m talking about actually feeling the energetic … Continue reading

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AAAUGH!! Oh No, It’s TAROT!!

“I want a reading, but, what if I find out something bad’s gonna happen to me?!” “Isn’t tarot like devil stuff?” “I don’t know if I wanna know…” “OH MY GOD — WHAT IF YOU TELL ME I’M GONNA DIE?!!” … Continue reading

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The Gift of Womanhood

  Being a woman is not a gift. Being a woman sucks. Being a woman is pain – great pain.   We are Beaten Raped Exploited Flogged Paid less Worked harder Stoned Sold Traded Rented Pushed Pulled   We bleed … Continue reading

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Reading For Yourself (And The Migraine That Goes With It…)

“You must get pretty bored knowing what’s going to happen all the time.” “Don’t you want to be surprised sometimes?” “Must be nice having all the answers!” Psht.  If only… The truth is, no one mortal knows everything.  The Dalai … Continue reading

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Upholding The Tradition Captain Caveman Foretold

I love it when people brush off what we do.  “Tarot is a trend.  It’ll burn out like tattoos!” Cracks me up… And I’ll say, it’s interesting (and very nice)  to hear other professionals and dabblers defend the practice.  The … Continue reading

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Tarot, An Obsession (via The Wild Garden)

*drooool* I’ve worked in shops that didn’t have a selection like this — close! But, not quite. This woman is a kindred spirit, indeed. Cheers! Ms. Ray V I love collecting things, and one of my most cherished is my … Continue reading

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When “The One” Isn’t — Why Are You Waiting?

Dedicated to my clients who ask me, “When is he coming back…?” Sarah and Joe were inseparable in the last year of high school.  Everyone thought they were an item and basically treated them as such wherever they went.  The … Continue reading

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HEY! Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me — You’re Psychic, too!

Gut feeling. Spidey sense. Disturbance in the Force. Utz. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus, (1996), the word, “Intuition,” means, “n. the immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning.” I can’t argue with that.  The … Continue reading

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