Reading For Yourself (And The Migraine That Goes With It…)

Uh, yeah.  Does that mean what I think it means?

Uh, yeah. Does that mean what I think it means?

“You must get pretty bored knowing what’s going to happen all the time.”

“Don’t you want to be surprised sometimes?”

“Must be nice having all the answers!”

Psht.  If only…

The truth is, no one mortal knows everything.  The Dalai Lama for all his divine wisdom is wise enough to know he doesn’t know everything.  Even Nostradamus got a little vague at times, making his predictions just as  much of a headache as interpreting the Bill of Rights.

Ignorance-star-wars-889162_640_512Mortals aren’t meant to know everything. Everything’s temporary on this plane for a reason.  Although we’re welcome to any information we ask for if we’re willing to do the work and seek out the resources, if we all had every single molecule of information in the vast Multiverse, our existence would be pretty limited to just being a resource of information, because that’s all we’d have the energy for.  We may not know the true meaning of life, but we all know that we each play many different parts in our autobiographies: Parent, student, teacher, consumer, organizer, mentor, entertainer, counselor, patient, landowner, serf, droid – we wear many hats, lots of costumes, and a few masks every day.  Most members of the human race spend more time doing than seeking and all we can do is reflect on our past actions to realize what we’ve done.  And when we don’t realize it, we end up having to do it again until we do.

We’re kind of like really complicated, meaty tumbleweeds who have opinions and bump into each other a lot…and don’t always blow in the wind…and not live in the desert, necessarily…kinda.

Okay, whatever we are, the point is, in order for our psyche (instincts) to work, we need to be receptive and trusting.  It takes time and trust ourselves to know the difference between Imagination and Extra-Sensory Vision / Perception.  The main difference is imagination moves from you and psychic images move toward you.  And if you’re movin’ and doin’ and livin’ and bein’, deciphering which is which gets extra tricky.

6a01053589653e970c016304bd4a4e970dThat’s why reading for yourself is a bitch – there it is.  It’s a huge pain in the crack because playing both roles of Reader and Querant is like a yogi playing tug of war with a troupe of monkeys on Kool-Aid.

Here’s what I’m talking about.  (Since I’m most familiar with the Tarot, I’ll use that medium for instances):


Question Asked: Does he like me? Thinking: I’m gonna ask because I just want to make sure, even though I absolutely KNOW that he’s madly in love with me and is well aware that am and will always be the best thing in his life forever and there it is!

Card pulled: 5 of cups (A man weeping and wallowing in his cape with three cups of wine or blood spilled in front of him while two more stand full behind him).

Answer you would give to a client: “I’m sorry, what you have with this person isn’t really so much of a ‘connection,’ as it is an attraction.  You’re not likely to get the reaction you’re hoping for.  There may be other elements involved that you’re not aware of or he just doesn’t perceive you the way you think he does.  I’m really sorry, but this looks like a disappointment.”

Answer you give yourself: “Aaw, see?  He loves me so much he’s CRYING over me!”


Question Asked: Is my rotten roommate gonna give me the money she owes me and move out anytime soon, please?

Card Pulled: 10 of Swords (a bloody man lying on a beach with 10 swords stuck into his back)

Answer you would give to a client: “Looks like the reign of the roommate from hell is being milked for all its worth.  You’re right that she needed to leave a long time ago.  Unfortunately, no matter how bad the situation is, doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere. Doesn’t look like she’s gonna do anything, either. That money is most likely long gone…”

Answer you give yourself: “So…I have to kill her.”

Then, there is the notorious EXAMPLE C:

Question Asked: Am I gonna get my dream job that I applied for?

Card Pulled: 10 of Cups (10 golden chalices glimmering in a rainbow under the sunshine…a true card of joy and all you could hope for coming to pass.)

Answer you would give to a client: It’s yours, absolutely! Great news!

Answer you give yourself: “Really?” *pause* “I better pull another card just to make sure…*

Reading for yourself is a cruddy, but very tempting position.  Divinationists and dabblers do it all the time.  The problem is we have our expectations wrestling our prejudices while we’re trying to focus and be clear and that’s a tall order for a human being!


So, how do we do it without “tainting the water,” so to speak?  Well, the best option is not to.  Readers read for other readers all the time!  It’s not only common, but it’s a great exercise and a way to learn your craft further.  If you can find someone to get answers for you, go for it.

But, if you’re really stuck or just too itching to know, here’s what I recommend:

1 – Clean your space.  Get as much clutter away as you can, smudge, Reiki, whatever.  The less interference, the better.

2 – Breathe! Shuffle the cards, mix the runes, shake the sticks, hold the pendulum, whatever you’re using, take…your…time.  Only deal when you are absolutely sure.

i ching3 – Read as literal as possible and use a book or two for reference. No matter how much you know that system by heart, you will have a much more objective and useful session if you still use an outside party.  There may be details your subconscious may overlook because of overwhelming desire or expectation.  If there are numbers involved, pay closer attention to the numbers – they’re pretty objective on their own.  If there are colors and you are familiar with the actual meaning of those colors, take those into consideration.

4 – If you don’t believe or accept your answer, then read on why you are not believing or accepting your answer! Cockiness is a killer.  But if you doubt yourself too much, then you’re losing out on a valuable tool bestowed upon you by nature.  We build our body muscles by lifting weights.  We build our minds by processing thought.  We build our psyche by trust.  Double checking your facts is a good and healthy practice.  Double guessing yourself denotes fear – fear of being wrong, fear of being right, fear of having the responsibility either way, fear of whatever.

And what’s there to be afraid of,really?  It’s just Life.


About T. Ray

Writer, visual artist, student, musician, and "armchair nutritionist." She currently resides in Vegas with her jenday conure and two beloved rescue cockatoos. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). While pursuing her degree in Journalism/Media Studies at UNLV, she continues to contend that all things come down to food and Star Wars. Contact:
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3 Responses to Reading For Yourself (And The Migraine That Goes With It…)

  1. John Ellison says:

    Awesome post! Reading for yourself definitely does have it’s share of pitfalls. I almost never do readings for myself of the type in your examples … though I have certainly been asked to do readings similar enough often enough. Almost all of my self-readings now are of the type, “how can I best approach this, and what lesson(s) should I learn from the situation?” One of my currently most-used self readings is a 3-card daily reading; “Theme – Challenge – Lesson” (what will be the overall theme/flow of the day, what will be my significant personal challenge as I go through the day, and what lesson should I be sure to take from the day.” Basically, I have found that, for my self-readings, self-improvement is the best type of question to ask.

    May I have permission to repost this (with link back to original page, of course) to Aeclectic Tarot?


  2. Ms. Ray says:

    Thanks so much! You hit a crucial point that objectivity without can lead to healing within. So, starting to find the objectivity within not only takes tremendous strength and courage, it always leaves the best results.

    And yes, absolutely, please feel free to share with my blessing!
    All the best! )O(


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