AAAUGH!! Oh No, It’s TAROT!!

"EEK! What if...?!!"

“I want a reading, but, what if I find out something bad’s gonna happen to me?!”

“Isn’t tarot like devil stuff?”

“I don’t know if I wanna know…”


Well, first of all, let’s just get this totally out of the way: Yes.  You are going to die.  One day, some how, some way, you are going to leave this earth.  I promise.  But, unless you’re the Undead (not just look like one) or there is a really extraordinary circumstance surrounding your situation, it’s not my business.

Matter of fact, I’m one of those readers that do not read “reversed cards,” (upside-down cards) which means I’ve trained my decks to be as optimistic as possible.  It’s not a common practice, but an acceptable one.

I figured I’m already straightforward as it is, I don’t need to be a curmudgeon, too, ya know?

Fear of anything you don’t understand is a natural response.  It warms my heart when I tell people what I do for a living and they ask questions — even whether or not it’s “devil’s work,” if it’s not in an accusatory tone.  (Incidentally, the answer is NO, but I digress…) But, my ultimate answer to anyone who’s just simply afraid to find out what may be up is, “Look, once you know what’s coming, you have the power to change it.”

And I think sometimes, that scares them even more than the unknown.

This is going to sound terrible, but you’d be amazed of how many people don’t want choice.  There’s a strange peace, I guess, to being dictated to and not having the responsibility to make decisions.  You know who I’m talking about; The ones who vote the way others do or can’t explain why they believe something other than, “So and so said…”  These people may not necessarily be happy, per se, but they have very different stress levels than those who are more independent.  Knowledge is power.  But, for some, knowledge is just, “interesting.”

However, for the curious, the confused, or those who really, genuinely have no idea whatsoever of what divination is and therefore gets this image of the shady gypsy at the carnival pop into their heads whenever someone mentions the tarot, the answer can be summed up very simply:

“Divination is an outside, spiritual perspective of your situation.”

That’s all.  It’s just another point of view, nothing more.  There’s no great mystery or cosmic phenomenon about it, contrary to what some may say.  Psychiatrists have studied and practiced to learn how to understand the workings of the brain and behaviors to help you with your mental problems.  Physicians have studied and practiced to learn the workings of the physical body to help you with your physical problems.

Spiritualists, divinationists, mediums, and other psychics have studied and practiced to help you with your spiritual problems – which encompasses a little of everything: mind, heart, and body.

Incidentally, if you call a network looking for answers regarding a physical health issue, you’ll be disappointed.  99% of networks forbid contracted psychic talents from discussing physical issues for liability purposes.  If there’s an energy or a “feeling” around the area in question, we can state so.  But, then anything further all we can advise is for you to see a physician.  (Just a little FYI there for ya).

If you’re a first timer getting a reading, your experience is going to greatly depend on your advisor.  We’re people and everyone’s different.  There are no two psychics alike.  We all get our information differently, we have different styles, different approaches, and different specialties.  All of us, like artists, usually have more than one ability, but we tend to have one particular method that we’ve mastered or favor:

Medium: A true medium is someone who communicates with the dead or other ethereal beings.  If they channel, you may expect her / him to do some purposeful breathing, have REM’s (Rapid Eye Movements),  and you may hear a slight change in tone of voice or speech patterns.   You will NOT see: head spinning, complete change in physical appearance like something out of “Thriller,” or vomiting of pea soup.  A session with a reputable medium is usually a gentle and fascinating experience.

Downside – this can be faked very easily.  Do your research and ask others about their experiences with this medium before you make an appointment. It’s also a good thing to remember that the dead aren’t always “all-knowing.”  (Think about it, would your dead Uncle Joe know or care about the Mayan prophecies?)

Psychometrist: This is someone who can touch an object, photo, or you and get “imprints” or energetic patterns.  Some people call this “spirit touch.”  The Psychometrist is another type of “empath,” meaning they can “feel” or empathize with another entity.  Some are great with people, some are great with places, some are gifted with the ability for both.  You shouldn’t expect expressions of horror or great drama because when a Psychometrist is at work, they’re focused.  They may get emotional or take a moment to get themselves ready, but it’s a pretty straightforward concept.  They touch, they tell. (No, not like a bad date…)

Downside – There really isn’t a downside with a Psychometrist, except it’s hard to have a session with one online or over the phone.  Be open that they may sense something you may not be aware of, regardless how familiar you are with the subject.  But, if you give them a picture or something that you’re familiar with and they’re waaaay off, well, then they’re off.  Either they’re picking up something else or they’re not ready to do it for a living…or they’re full of crap.

Readers – This person (like me) likes to use tools to jog the psyche.  Tarot, runes, gypsy or playing cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, palms, dice, sticks, etc. are examined and the patterns the tool shows, directs the vision, kind of like a spiritual map.  This is most common because it helps the psychic “turn on the radar” upon command and stay focused on you.  The more the tool is used, the stronger the connection with it.  The stronger the connection, the stronger the images and then, after time, the stronger the psyche.  What you can expect after the tool is shuffled, mixed, cut, whatever, is for the Reader to pause for a moment while she/he examines the patterns before they relay their findings.  You should NOT expect the cards to fly off the table or pictures changing in front of your eyes.  It’s also very uncommon (though not impossible) for a reader to just start channeling a spirit after laying down the cards, runes, or whatever.

Downside – If you don’t know anything about the tool they’re using, there’s no way to know if they’re just talking out of their butts.  You should be able to ask! After your reader is done with what they have to say, ask them what that card means or what that symbol is.  Most readers I’ve encountered or know of are happy to explain, because it’s something they love to talk about – I know, I do!  But, if you ask your reader and he/she refuses, gets all flustered and uptight (or worse, picks up a booklet to find out) then they should NOT be doing it for a living and you shouldn’t be paying them.

Even Clairvoyants (people who see), Empaths (people who feel), Audiovoyants (people who hear), etc. without tools or external resources – people like you – all have their niches and individual talents.  Some close their eyes and put themselves into a trance and some will just start talking to you.

Whatever type of session you experience, no matter what, you should feel comfortable and feel accomplished afterwards: You got some clarity, confirmation, or comfort — what I call “the 3 C’s.”  In essence, there’s no such thing as a “bad” reading.   If you get some news you didn’t want to hear, well, now you have the ammunition to make different choices so that doesn’t come to pass or your butt’s covered.

The most frightening thing about having information is it gives you power.


About T. Ray

Writer, visual artist, student, musician, and "armchair nutritionist." She currently resides in Vegas with her jenday conure and two beloved rescue cockatoos. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). While pursuing her degree in Journalism/Media Studies at UNLV, she continues to contend that all things come down to food and Star Wars. Contact:
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2 Responses to AAAUGH!! Oh No, It’s TAROT!!

  1. John Ellison says:

    Ray! I loved this post! Just banged the heck outta them nails! 😀

    There have been a few times that something quite specific has come up about a person’s health. But these have been along the lines of “this has happened recently”. I’m with you that I don’t do readings about specific health problems. I’m always amazed at the things that come through during a reading that is there to help people to cope with the difficulties of life. And I do love it when people ask what things on the cards represent, and when people want to learn about the Tarot.

    Naturally, I’ve had quite a few folks who’ve said they don’t want readings for various reasons. I’ve had several folks ask things like “what if something bad comes up?” I usually reply “well, it’s good to be forewarned so that you’re prepared and know how best to get through the situation and to learn from it. One time I offered someone one of my business cards … she said “oh no, the Tarot scares me because I had a reading once and it was ACCURATE!” What? Isn’t that rather the point? Well, I guess the truth can be frightening.

    Any road, excellent writing!


    • Ms. Ray says:

      LOL – Thank you very much, Mr. John! Yes, sometimes the truth can set you free, indeed…right smack into the middle of reality. *insert brain-piercing scream here*


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