Majick, Sorcery, Writing. Literally.

By laws of Nature, the writer is spellcaster and journal is altar

Don’t give me that “I don’t believe in that hocus pocus stuff,” because like it or not, know it or not, you are a practitioner.

Wha? You think majick is all about burning candles on an antique chest under the pale moonlight and dancing naked in a sea of grass around a fire and plucking chicken feathers? As much fun as that may sound (except for the feather plucking) the true definition of “Majick,” as you see it spelled here, is: “Utilizing and focusing intent through natural energies for a specific purpose, towards a goal to create a change.”

And it is done by everyone, every day.

Example: Have you ever given flowers before?  This is exactly what I’m talking about. Yeah, think about it for a moment.  First, you have a target – a friend, a potential lover, a spouse, a family member, etc.  Then, you have a goal – to say hello, tell someone you love them, or that you’re thinking about them and you want to make that person feel good, brighten their day, or feel important, what-have-you. So, you find some blossoms in a field somewhere or go to the flower shop. Unless you’re a really different fish and choose the artificial variety (because nothing says “love” like plastic…?), you select products of the Earth.

“Natural energy.”

You choose the colors, type, and size in accordance to what you wish to say, such as red roses for love, pink carnations for friendship, white lilies for sympathy and so forth.  Now, you have these selected natural elements expertly arranged in a specific order that best conveys your message.  This arrangement is sent to the target, the target receives the efforts, and voila!

Your target’s changed. Maybe not exactly the way you’d like or how you hoped, but he/she’s definitely affected by the presence and aroma of those beautiful products of Mother.

And that’s only one example of everyday majick. The priest sends prayers into the smoke of the incense and through his chants.  The candle you light in honor of a loved one, the wearing of a symbol which you believe brings you luck or protection, such as a cross or a Star of David, all of these things constitute “majick.”

No, it really is no different than the pagan dancing under the full moon or the receiving of communion in a church.  We organisms are meant to live. We’re meant to grow, connect, and evolve, and therefore, create change.

And what greater force do we have to create change with than with the arts?

Vision of colors and movements, the organized noise of instruments and voices, the grace of dance, the seduction of film, and telling of a story in writing…


Now, I do believe there is no one art form more superior to the next – they all have their place and a place for all, each of them conveyed through their own channels for their own purposes, but writing? It’s the craft we are exposed to nearly every single moment of our daily lives!

Jim Henson explained writing so beautifully as “Jen” from The Dark Crystal: “Words that stay.” So simple, so elegant, so correct and yet we are completely enshrouded in symbols of sound, their constant influence penetrates so deep into our psyche that there have been studies to show the existence of “subliminal messages” and their influence without our consent.

Now, that is power!

Mind you, I can only write from my own personal perspective, which is all anyone can do.  But consider: Perhaps it may not be just the frequency of our exposure to writing that determines its influence. If we step back from the computer for a moment and remember the definition of majick, then we would realize that the perfect “majick wand,” would be none other than a good ol’ fashioned ball point pen.

The ball point pen encompasses the spheres that utilize the elements in their natural form. It is constructed of solid, liquid, and because ink is mostly comprised of water and water evaporates, gas.

It has moving and stationery parts.  It is made of man-made and natural materials.

And it defeats the principles of Time.

Practitioner, let us begin…

You have a thought, an idea, an impulse; A physiological phenomenon happening under your own skull. You have a target, which is your audience – or yourself – and you wish to create a change such as to make your audience think, or feel, or remember something so that upon reading your words they are carried away from man made reality for a while or brought even deeper into the reality in which they are engrossed, or even to seal a deal of an exchange of services with your signature, and so on.

You have target and you have goal.

Now that you’ve determined your work, you are focused, and now ready to bring life where there is currently none.

You have your “wand,” your ball point pen, at the ready over a piece of paper (which don’t forget, is made from a tree).  As you hold your wand suspended over the paper, your thought becomes a manifestation of the future.

As you are writing, you are physically manifesting the electrical impulses through the synapses in your brain, therefore a physical piece of your being, onto a natural element and it is now the present.

You are processing this intent through animating sound through symbols, in silence.

" an infinite phenomenon - it must've begun somewhere. From the Great Mystery, an atom fell upon this giant rock and from its constant germination; splitting, spinning, blowing, growing, look what we have now..."

You finish your thought and place your wand down. The present has now become the past – it is what you have written, frozen and unwavering.  Then, you put it away for a while.

After an indeterminable time has past, you find that paper with your writing on it and you pick it up. As you pick it up, your physical manifestation is literally moving through space and all at once becomes what you have read, what you will read, and what you are reading.

This work is now passed on to the target.

Your living energy, concentrated with your intentions through the elements – water (ink), earth (paper), fire (metal ball), air (thought and sound) — with all spheres present and is now experienced through past, present, and future all at once.

So, not only have you out-and-out manipulated the order of energy to affect a change, you have immortalized your living entity…

…and conquered the fourth dimension.

This is the root of our craft.

However, just as microwaves have replaced cauldrons (for most people), our journals and pen-wands are pretty much replaced by keypads and paper’s replaced by liquid crystal and glass and copper…which are all natural…and as our thoughts shoot through megawatts of electricity as…

…oh. Interesting!


About T. Ray

Writer, visual artist, student, musician, and "armchair nutritionist." She currently resides in Vegas with her jenday conure and two beloved rescue cockatoos. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). While pursuing her degree in Journalism/Media Studies at UNLV, she continues to contend that all things come down to food and Star Wars. Contact:
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One Response to Majick, Sorcery, Writing. Literally.

  1. Laurie says:

    What an awesome way to describe magic!!!! I love it! 🙂


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