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Stupid Reasons To Break Up

Sometimes, one person’s wisdom is another’s “dumb”…and then there’s just “dumb.” For instance, one time when I was in my late teens, there was this boy who apparently had a thing for me. I didn’t think much of it because … Continue reading

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The Truth Does Not Make Me A Bad Psychic

The cards are not omniscient — I can only see what you surround yourself with. If you’re socially active, working, communicative, and ambitious, then we’re going to have a lot to talk about.  The more you weave your web of … Continue reading

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A Sith Sense – The Real “Powah” of the Dark Side

Breathing, sometimes, can make you crazy. The air has been emotionally toxic everywhere these past few days. With the planets up in arms, not to mention all the protesting and debates and conflicts and bitching along the way, all that … Continue reading

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Is That A Pointed Hat or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy it feels to see your longtime-controversial faith getting some positive, explorative press without “ooky spooky” in the headlines, especially during Samhain/Halloween. It’s wonderful! It really wasn’t that long ago when we had … Continue reading

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