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Shrink or Psychic?

You can’t give hope to the hopeless. No matter how you try, whatever you say, the defeatist will defeat you every time: Me: “Your job is incredibly toxic. However, I’m seeing that there are opportunities to transfer –” Client: “No, … Continue reading

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The Gnothology of 666 – One Hell of a Number

Okay, my fellow “Rivetheads”  — you know the words! Come on, say it with me: *cue the great and powerful voice of Vincent Price – RIP* “Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea For the Devil sends the Beast with … Continue reading

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Big, Bad, Scary Love

“I need to stop thinking that I’m gonna be okay and everything is going to be okay if just this one thing were to magically happen.” – Vanessa, “Obsessed” season 1, episode 11 I am so scared. As much as … Continue reading

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