The Gnothology of 666 – One Hell of a Number

Okay, my fellow “Rivetheads”  — you know the words! Come on, say it with me:

*cue the great and powerful voice of Vincent Price – RIP*

“Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea

For the Devil sends the Beast with wrath, because he knows the time is short.

Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast

For it is a Human number

It’s number is 666.” Revelations 12:12 ESV

It’s amazing that as a gnothologist (as well as a tarot specialist), I am asked about birthdays, names, and the “I keep seeing this number everywhere, what does it mean?” but no one and I mean NO ONE has ever asked me about the most infamous number in human history –

No, not “Jenny’s” phone number 867-5309 (although I actually did calculate that one).

Insult to injury, it wasn’t until I was watching a documentary on the making of one of my favorite, if not the most important album in “The Book of Ray,” that I had a Homer Simpson moment, face-palmed, and felt the pang of shame of ignoring this golden quest.

It’s really just a phenomenal record…that happened to change their lives forever.

“666” is the poster child for numerology.

Regardless of your faith, or lack of, we have all been plenty warned of the triple 6’s. Hollywood exploited the imposing horror in the “The Omen” series – remember the swelling of music and creepy chanting when daddy cut Damien’s hair and found the mark on his scalp? And, course, the resurgence of its popularity in 1982 with Iron Maiden’s masterpiece, “The Number of the Beast,” which not only made us even further aware, but unintentionally wreaked a little havoc with it, as well. Even today, in spite of the pitchforks and assorted panty twisting this art has caused, Maiden still dares to bear the number on their commercial mode of transportation, the “Ed Force One – Flight 666.” And yet, in spite of the risk of ill luck, the English gentlemen still manage to enjoy balanced, ultra-suburbanized lives of golf, tennis, family, and tea, without the discomfort of sporadic head spinning and spitting up pea soup.

See? Wouldn’t you take these nice blokes home to your mother? I would. (Wait…no, come to think of it, I wouldn’t take anyone home to my mother…)

Makes you wonder if they know something the rest of us don’t, doesn’t it?

At a glance, you can see the number is significant simply because of the repetition, alone. Humans love patterns, as they subconsciously trigger a sense of security. Our organic programming dictates when a pattern is repeated in any situation – a schedule, machinery, the weather, etc. – we consciously compute that the system is fully operational. So, naturally, as we seek security in our lives, we’re immediately attracted to patterns. (For more, see: 11/11/11 — Cool, But Why? )

In gnothology, those repeated patterns are called “Earthly Mastery Vibrations,” and this is only one of the three major aspects which makes 666 genuinely, truly interesting:

1 – The gnothological calculation, itself

2 – The fundamental principle of higher majick, which is absolutely vital in order to understand it’s 3rd aspect

3 – Historical significance

The Gnothology

To avoid confusion and for the novice, the difference between Numerology and Mathematics is one is the study of the energetic value and the other is the application of those values to find a solution.  In numerology, the number itself is a solution and it’s been around for centuries – very much like astrology, but a lot less complicated and a lot more mundane.  Formally, “Gnothology,” essentially means, “the esoteric approach to the ancient science of numbers.”

Without going into “Numerology How-To 101,” in regards to 666, there are actually three significant numbers at play: 3, 6, and 9.

They say that “3 is a magic number,” and indeed it is. “3” denotes Manifestation. Put in the simplest terms, if “1,” is the self, and “2” is the pair or the duality, then “3” makes the family. Trinities signify the sanctity as well as the basis of life, itself: Mother, Father, Child; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Maiden, Mother, Crone; Height, Width, Depth; Past, Present, Future; Above, Below, Center, and so forth. Excluding “Time,” as that is a purely subjective concept (okay, so technically everything can be a “subjective concept,” but for the sake of simplicity, let’s leave the philosophy out of this for now!) the 3rd dimension is where we live out our primary existence.

And there are 3 sixes. This means two things:

1 – This is a triple mastery number, as there are 3 pairs

2 – The energetic value of “6” is active on all planes, as illustrated above

A gnothological value always falls between 1 and 9 – zeros do not count because “there’s no such thing as void.” An EMV (Earthly Mastery Vibration) number is 11, 22, 33, and so forth. These double digits denote the mastery or completion of their original value, such as “11” is the mastery of “1,” “22” is the mastery of “2,” and so forth.

“6” means utilizing and working with the primary elements, building anew, moving forward, and between conflicts. “66” is the mastery of these concepts, which means always having what is necessary at hand, making the absolute most of your resources for the highest good, and exercising great decision making and judgement.

But, remember, 666 is a triple EMV. To have “66” energy in past, present, future; above, below, center, and in all dimensions illustrates the foundation of absolute power not only over the self, but tremendous potential for power over others, as well.

This, alone, would be very intimidating. But, now there is the actual sum: 9

666 numerologically rooted: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 / 1 + 8 = 9

“9” is the Triple Trinity – the power of “3” augmented by the power of “3.” In essence, if you visualize 3 triangles formed in a triangle, you’d see what may look like a village or a family tree, not just a nucleus. Nine signifies the elements of the elements, community, rite of passage, and mastery of a cycle.

Nine is the number of Majick.

Fundamentals of Higher Majick

As far as I’m concerned, majick is majick, period.

Now, just to be absolutely clear, I’m not talking about pulling rabbits out of hats, making elephants disappear, and Criss Angel stuff.  Those are illusions.  I am talking about actually utilizing natural energy in order to create a change.  And essentially, it’s like a candle flame – it is what it is. What makes it “high” “low” “dark” or “light” is the intent behind the use of it.  You can take that candle flame and light your stove to cook your food, heat your home, build your campfire or you can burn someone’s hair off or light your house on fire.

A flame is a flame, majick is majick.

So, essentially we’re really talking about the intent. “Lower majick,” would be like sending someone flowers. Here’s an excerpt from “Majick, Sorcery, Writing. Literally.” posted on June/10/11:

“First, you have a target – a friend, a potential lover, a spouse, a family member, etc.  Then, you have a goal – let’s say to say hello, tell someone you love them, or that you’re thinking about them and you want to make that person feel good, brighten their day, or feel important, what-have-you. So, you find some blossoms in a field somewhere or go to the flower shop. Unless you’re a really different fish and choose the artificial variety (because nothing says “love” like plastic…?), you select products of the Earth….You choose the colors, type, and size in accordance to what you wish to say.  Red roses for love, pink carnations for friendship, white lilies for sympathy and so forth.  Now, you have these selected natural elements expertly arranged in a specific order that best conveys your message.  This arrangement is sent to the target, the target receives the efforts, and voila! Your target’s changed.”

Flowers: The gift that can give right back

 When we are focused on creating a change to an outside target, just as in everyday communication, we speak as we breathe out. We use animated hand gestures (especially us Italians), eye contact, and create as much energy to reach our intended goal.

 “Higher” majick defined:

  • Through ritual drawing on the greater energies to create change and understanding within ourselves; to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm – ourselves with the Gods.

  • Ceremonial majick involving the actions of deities or spirits.

  • High Majick is simply ceremonial or ritual majick. It is more directly related to the Divine Power of the Gods. High Majick is not necessarily more powerful than “Low” Majick.

One of the processes of the higher rite is invocation or “drawing down.”  It is essentially calling to or attracting an evolved entity, presence, or energetic frequency to the designated sacred space. The concept is to combine talents from both planes of existence in unison towards a singular purpose. The most effective and simplest process of drawing down is to lower your speaking, chanting volume and / or speak in reverse, the opposite of “Lower Majick.”

An effective, powerful coven working in perfect unison when they are invoking will use steady, rhythmic, and lower tones, as if attempting to put the entire space in hypnosis.

The speaking backwards forces the breath into a type of “retrograde” – meaning that is slows down to the point of seeming to stop. We don’t usually speak in reverse, so the practice, in order to maintain rhythm (remember what I said about patterns) we are forced to think or read more cautiously. Without all that effort expounding out of ourselves, we are creating an energetic vacuum. Another technique is the ‘breaking down’ of phrases or sounds.

An excellent example of the “drawing down” practice is the abracadabra, which essentially means “I create as speak” in Aramaic. This is a classic majick model:

The writing and speaking of common language in reverse or in altered formats instantly changes the sound/energetic frequency, therefore inspiring an alternative perspective and state of consciousness. This altered state allows us to be open and able to receive greater presences. It takes thought, effort, and a sense of purpose…


The Bible’s old!

Though gnothology can be traced back to ancient Greece, the numerical system and characters we use today, did not come about until 400 CE. We forget that Romans occupied the middle east and half the world before the Bible was written and it was the Roman Numeral system that was commonly used.

As it happens, one of my freakish things I do is read and write in Roman Numerals fluently.  But, for the sake of my readers who aren’t as weird, here’s a chart:

666, before 400 CE  was written as:


DC = 600

LX = 60

VI = 6

It’s written in pure, perfect descending order.  In other words, it “draws down.”

In conclusion: 666 is not the bat signal for Cthulhu.

“Oh, I’m sorry, were you calling me — was that for me? No?”

666 is a tremendous number of very high majick and internal empowerment.

No doubt the ancient pagans carved and painted this DCLXVI on their sacred spaces and bodies. And no doubt they must’ve achieved some amazing results…

But, now, with that being said, then what could that Biblical passage mean? Let’s break it down:

Woe to you (you’re in trouble), oh Earth and Sea (Earth = body, male; Sea = spirit, heart, female) For the Devil (Devil = “against God”) sends the Beast (The primal self, connected with all things. Baphomet, the Pagan God of the Pagan Gods, maybe? ) with wrath (in a hurry, with furor), because he knows the time is short(monotheism is taking over polytheism; new religion taking over the old)Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast (a personally empowering symbol that draws down to the primal self and connects with all planes)For it is a Human number (we made this, God didn’t have anything to do with it)

It’s number (it’s symbol) is 666 (DCLXVI).”

Everything in this world boils down to perspective and choice: How you choose to see something and what you choose to do about it. Nothing has any influence over you unless you allow it to. This gnothological golden child, 666, like anything else, can either instill fear, empowerment, or indifference. You choose.

And there it is.

(Psst, hey…Up the Irons!)


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