Gnothologically Speaking: What to Expect for 2013



Dr. Larry Fleinhardt: “You know that it’s considered unsolvable?”
Charlie Eppes: “Well, certainly people who have failed to solve it might think that.”
– From the TV show “Numb3rs,” 2005

2012, a “5” year, though had more than its share of tragedy of one kind or another, certainly delivered on its promises for Change.  At the very least, in just a span of 12 months, we’ve seen countries liberated, surprising celebrity marriages and divorces, CEO’s of large corporations terminated or resigning after taking advantage of their positions amidst lawsuits and other scandals, protests all over the globe — even Wal-Mart employees finally stood up and said, “enough!” — and a very tumultuous American presidential election.

On a personal level, we were greatly affected by our world around us and made changes in our own lives. It has been a tempestual challenge for all of us and though it has certainly been exhausting, though not at all in vain, I am now happy to report that the numbers for 2013 will be much more merciful.

hands globe

2013 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6 (true)

6 is the number of Resourcefulness; Utilizing and Working with the Primary Elements, Building Anew, Moving Forward, and Between Conflicts. It’s about having everything we need to be able to enjoy and make the most of the calm after the storm of 2012.

Those who have been looking for complete career changes may finally find what they have been looking for, so long as it appeals to their truth in their own goals and not what’s expected of them. This is indicated in the “3,” the number of Manifestation, which denotes creativity, family, and spirituality.  The “3” after the “1” illustrates that energy being brought to or made available to you.

“When we’re on the right path, there are no obstacles.” – Prof. Mariah Adin

Keep in mind, the “2” at the start of every year will always underline Connection, Relationships, and Duality for the next 87 years…

This particular numerological sequence also alludes to a possible baby boom, unexpected reunions, and ready-made family “mergings.” So, single parents have a great chance to find a life partner that can not only be good for them, but their kids (human and non-human alike), as well.


We may find unlikely allies, abroad and at home, to help keep the peace and more peacemakers coming to the forefront. 2013 is going to focus a little more on solutions than problems.

We may also have the potential to see more preventative measures implemented, as well. We could see more diversity in the alternative medicine market, more education and discussion on long overdue, difficult topics, as well as a larger variety of charitable efforts and philanthropy.

Those who have been searching for their spiritual connection have a great chance to find that light at last and artisans who’ve been searching for grants, available materials, representation or sponsorships, and other means for their craft may finally find what they’ve been looking for, as well.

So, now that we have this much-welcomed (and much needed) energy in our favor, it’s up to each of us to make the most of it! Hope you all enjoy an AMAZING 2013!

Many blessings!



About T. Ray

Writer, visual artist, student, musician, and "armchair nutritionist." She currently resides in Vegas with her jenday conure and two beloved rescue cockatoos. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). While pursuing her degree in Journalism/Media Studies at UNLV, she continues to contend that all things come down to food and Star Wars. Contact:
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