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It’s Not About “Whether or Not” But “How Much?”

The answer to the age old question, “Should psychics and mediums be compensated for services?” is very simply, “Yes,” as anyone who provides a service or product should be compensated. Naturally, it would be easy to suffice that real question … Continue reading

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The Pains of “The Star”

Every reader’s got that “one card”… You know, that “one card” that just irks the crap out of you and makes you cringe every time you see it. (Come on, there’s 78 cards in the deck. Odds are there’s gonna … Continue reading

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Criminalizing the Psychic Samaritan

It’s not easy for us pros, but we’ve got to talk about this. Psychics have been a valuable asset to the law enforcement community for ages, all around the world, so the practice is hardly new. Eyewitness accounts can be … Continue reading

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