It’s Not About “Whether or Not” But “How Much?”

"The Divinationist Is In"

“The Divinationist Is In”

The answer to the age old question, “Should psychics and mediums be compensated for services?” is very simply, “Yes,” as anyone who provides a service or product should be compensated.

Naturally, it would be easy to suffice that real question is “how much?” but, in actuality, the bottom line is, “What is the service worth?” That’s the snag.

3PentaclesOne of the principles Western civilization has adopted throughout the centuries is that one is not truly a master at a craft or skill unless they have a document to prove so. This is what we’ve been trained to understand: If you don’t have a degree, you are not an expert. Of course, with this, if you are not a documented expert, you are consequently discouraged from practicing that skill or craft to the public. This understanding was put in place to separate the laymen from the masters so that the masters may enjoy the fruits of their academic and (hopefully) experiential labors. It was also put in place by academia for economic reasons, as well.

Some professions are so delicate and high risk that having a degree or certification also serves as insurance to the public and the hiring entity that the candidate absolutely knows what they’re doing, such as practicing medicine or law.

Though the work is sensitive enough, this academic concern has spawned some “tarot colleges” or “divination schools” where you can get a “degree” or “certificate” (yes, I’m using quotes) by non-matriculated, very independent, for-profit agents. Unfortunately, what you’re usually learning is a very biased, over-complicated method of the system as the instructor has individually come to understand or even create – and usually at a very hefty fee, no less. What’s worse, the certificate that you paid handsomely for has no more meaning to the professional world than a paper plate with your name on it.

So, of course, to the consumer, there’s sometimes that nagging: “You don’t have a degree, how do I know you know what you’re doing?”


Yet, ironically, we accept the non-documented expert advice or service every day. Wikipedia is the #1 online site for information, which is a completely open source to the world and anyone can edit or credit any entry at any time. Many car and motorcycle mechanics enjoy successful careers without the benefit of technical school training – hell, I dare anyone to challenge a Harley rider that he/she doesn’t know their machine! Paralegals were made by the blessing (or cursing) of lawyers before there were programs to be certified and they are no more or less valuable today. Many roads are paved, houses built, plumbing piped, children watched, numbers crunched, accounts balanced, food cooked, and other sensitive and vital services are provided and satisfied by those who know what they’re doing without a piece of paper to verify how or where they learned their skills.

So, with this, it can be easily said that the family that passes down their craft generation after generation after generation or the practitioner that’s been dedicatedly working and honing their profession for over 10 years can arguably have as much expertise as the 2 or 4 – year graduate.

The bottom line is the Service.

Divination, for good or ill, is not an expensive profession material-wise nor is it labor intensive, in the sense that there’s virtually no risk of getting physically injured, but it can be very draining. Those who are not used to doing more than 3 readings a day can feel extremely tired and sometimes achy afterwards. There is always a need for prep before starting the work day, either with prayer or some kind of meditation because of the time cost and the drain. With this in mind, before you price yourself, ask and answer honestly:

1 – How long have you been giving advice to the public? Obviously, the longer you’ve been doing it, the more value your time is. For example, the tarot reader who’s been working with their deck for over 5 years will most likely have a complete and fluent understanding of the system, as well as be able to recognize the correlations in the spread on sight, whereas someone who’s only been working with their deck for about a year may still be stumped by certain equations (i.e.: “I don’t understand what the Chariot and the 10 of Swords reversed means”) or maybe even still be dependent on the LWB (Little White Book).

If the latter’s the case, you are REALLY not ready to go pro. Seriously. (And oh yes, I’ve seen it happen!)

2 – How many repeat clients do you obtain? A divinationist’s reputation and integrity is everything! If you’re good at what you do, just like any other good service provider, they’ll always come back. A few loyal clients is not only a blessing for the soul, but worth a few more pennies in the pocket.

FUNNY-FUN-FUN.COM3 – Is your information reliable and trustworthy? The only way to know is from your clients, because they’ll tell you straight up. If you’re really off more often than you’re on, you may not be ready for the public. Go back to the basics and see why you’re misinterpreting information.  One surefire way to muck up your signals and get it wrong is to relay your opinion, not your psychic impressions. Find out if your sensitivities are getting in the way or if you’re simply not understanding your source as much as you thought you did.

4 – How do your clients feel when they leave your presence? Are they smiling? Do they express how they feel about the session, even if the reading was not what they had expected or hope? Are they reluctant to leave? Do they want a hug? Do they thank you thank you thank you? Then that says it all! That’s EVERYTHING! That’s what it’s all about.

5 – How much do you enjoy what you do? Face it, if you dread talking to people or don’t like certain questions or you’re so nervous that it affects your performance, then you may need more voluntary practice. However, on the other hand, if you love it so much you want to give it all away for free, then more power to you! But, just remember you have to eat and it’s hard to concentrate on your client’s needs when your stomach’s rumbling or you’re waiting for the electricity to be turned off any minute.

6 – How easily and quickly can you usually connect with your client? The more you do it, the easier it gets. The more clients you read, the easier it gets. Of course, no one can read everyone, that’s elementary. But, the more exposure you have to different personalities, different problems, and different equations, the more your “satellite dish” can recognize signals and therefore be able to connect.

CONNECTIONHow you find your connection is also just as important. Do you probe – ask a lot of questions – in order to lock into their signals? Then lower your price. “Probing” is usually a signal for “fraud.” The less you do it, the better. If you can’t connect, use your source! (I was going to say “use your tool” but I know how that’ll sound…) Lay down a few more cards, roll another die, hold your crystal. Instead of asking the client what it means, simply tell them what you’re getting and how you feel about it. “I’m getting two different messages here and neither of them are making sense…” or “I’m not getting very much clarity on this and that’s usually caused by…”

You’re the expert. You should be talking to the client, not the other way around.

7 – What kind of client base would you like to attract? If you’re looking to be the next Sylvia Browne or have your own talk show, then you’ll need to “peacock” your image as well as your prices. However, if you’re just looking to have something on the side for a little pocket change and you’re willing to serve anyone and everyone, then flex your pay schedule to the more economic side.

8 – How much do you actually need? Money has a tremendous amount of power.
The more we have, the more freedom we are allowed. With this freedom comes lifestyle changes. When we are more affluent, we usually become more social, more creative, more influential, which makes us busier. So, in actuality, the real question is: What kind of lifestyle can I lead without disrupting my attention to my client?

Think about that…

Some people may also consider morality and religious factors as well and of course any concern is valid. But, the bottom line on how to determine how much you’re worth is to put your modesty aside and determine how much YOU would happily pay for your service, not how much you need to make.

Trust me, you take care of the people, your needs will always be met.



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