Are You Actually Reading The Cards or Just Looking At Them?

They're not at your table to hear what you Think...

They’re not at your table to hear what you Think.

Not everyone uses Tarot the same way, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a fabulous system.

HgMnstoneThere are the hardcore traditionalists who use the cards very literally. They’ve done their research on every numerological, Quabbalic, and illustrative inference, put the pieces together accordingly and give their querant a direct and divisive interpretation. And it works wonderfully.

psychic tableOthers use the cards to “trigger” or filter empathic, clairvoyant, or other psychic impulses by allowing the symbolism to guide and focus on where their inner “satellite dishes” should concentrate. Sometimes mediums will utilize the tool very similarly by focusing on the symbolism to connect with their spirit guides or other ethereal partners in divining crime…And it works wonderfully!

What doesn’t work so wonderfully is using the cards to confirm what you’re thinking.

A lot of readers would protest to that, I’m sure. In fact, when I reached the “I-know-what -I’m-doing-now, oh-fare-thee-well-forever-ye-LWB!” stage of my career in my 20’s (the ‘90’s, in case you’re wondering), I was very guilty of this for quite some time, myself. So, I’m not only speaking from my expertise, observations, and training, but from my personal experience as well.

It takes time and discipline to decipher between “psychic information” and “opinion.”


Divinationists tend to have amazingly sharp instincts, as well as out-and-out psychic ability. When you’re processing information with all sides of the brain, between all planes at once, over a period of time, these muscles become a lot more buff, thus much more reliable. However, all too often, if we’re not conscious, we can stop ourselves short from exploring the entire energetic territory around the client once we’ve honed in on our initial impressions. And there are some subjects that will almost never fail to cut us to the quick. Example:

Question: “I haven’t talked to my boyfriend in over 3 years. I still don’t know why he left. Will I ever hear from him again?”

Now…many of you, no doubt, are reading this and going, “Ray, are you serious?” And the answer is, frankly, yes. I am very serious. In fact, I hear this kind of question so often, it has sufficiently stopped surprising me years ago. But, that is not the point. The point is, we hear this question and of course the first impulsive answer that any rational human being would come to is, “NO. You silly person, NO.”

Ha! If only it were that easy...

Ha! If only it were that easy…

In every day mundane life, that would be a good answer. Unfortunately, in divination, that’s a mistake.

In divination, we cannot assume anything. The only information we have is what the querant has told us. If we were sitting in a wooden shed by the side of the road with a sign that says, “Psychiatric Help 5¢,” we would be able to happily begin the exploration process accordingly. However, this not being the case, what we have just heard and registered consciously is not enough.

Our job is to get the information that the querant does not have. That is what our tools are for and what we’re being paid to do, regardless of our initial response.

As it happens, if you set your expectations aside, (in this case, one would reasonably expect a reading that would illustrate that the relationship is pretty much over), and allow yourself to explore the energetic influences around the client, you may find other variables your instincts would miss:

  1. The boyfriend could have been trying to get a hold of her, but she changed her information.
  2.  There was never a boyfriend to begin with.
  3.  She broke up with him, expected him to beg for her back and her ego isn’t letting go.
  4.  He’s not getting in touch with her because he’s in jail.
  5.  He’s not getting in touch with her because he’s dead.
  6.  He’s not getting in touch with her because she’s still married.
  7.  She’s actually been in contact with him, but he keeps telling her to leave him alone and she’s off her medications again.
  8.  There’s a restraining order in place that is forbidding him to get in touch with her.
  9.  There’s a restraining order in place against her.

lucy psychiatristAnd so forth…

Not to mention one other variable you may not rationally consider, which is highly unlikely but has been known to happen: He will actually contact her again.

Another advantage of letting go of our bias is if you also notice from the variables listed above, I have not limited this question to a simple, “yes or no” answer. There are many readers out there who absolutely insist on taking only certain types of inquiry and would most likely find this line of questioning distasteful or even a downright waste of their time. The reason behind this kind of weeding is usually the sense that the cards “should” only be used in an exploratory manner. However, the problem with this mentality is, in fact, every question has the potential to be exploratory if, again, you put your opinions and initial expectations aside and actually explore it.

Other “knee-jerk-obvious-answer” reflexes can also be triggered by questions regarding situations that we may have had personal experiences with or have strong opinions on, such as infidelity, religion, or the supernatural.

Everyone’s level of intellect, health, and connection varies. Everyone sees the world with different eyes, with different expectations, at different levels of understanding. Everyone’s got their karma to burn, as well as their gifts to share. So what may be sensible to you may be something very new to someone else.

one_size_fits_allPut very simply, “One size does not fit all.”

The difference between a good divinationist and a great one is not only determined by the level of care, expertise, and integrity, but by being able to open, explore, and expect the unexpected. Doing this not only increases our level of psychic sensitivity, but our ratio of accuracy, as well.

After all, what use are we if we’re wrong too often? Not just in regards to prognostication factor, but the analysis as well — especially the analysis! What good is giving a “when” when we can’t assess the “why?”

Learning how to let go and just divine is always hard work well done.  One of the adventures we can enjoy in this career is realizing at the end of the day that we didn’t know as much as thought we did. And whatever we don’t know, we can explore, right?

space exploration11


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  1. This is a really great point. Thanks for writing!


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