The Language of Miracles


Though “6” is the number of Resource, Peace between conflicts, and Work, this “6”  year, 2013 thus far, has not been an easy one. But, then again, when has it ever been easy to be human?

People have argued and demanded that “God” or their personal Grand Creator personification thereof, needs to bring back the great miracles. I’ve heard people crying out, “This world needs to see him part the Red Sea and skywrite his name!” and every time I answer, “Why, so everyone can debunk it as a hoax, waste time trying to figure out the trick, and sell t-shirts?” Not in this climate, not this day and age. People just simply are not ready for the big biblical brouhaha today. Even die hard zealots still shake their heads at the notion of the possibility that the creative force could actually get off Its high cloud and talk back to us mere mortals.

“You talk to God – God doesn’t talk to you.” Right?

But, does that seriously make a whole lot of sense? Think about it: If we are all “children” of the Creator, what would be the point for It to just plunk us down here and watch the show?

Tell me if this is how you would raise your kids:

“Okay, you. Now that you’re old enough to listen, we need to have an understanding:

I am your Father!

Learn it, know it, live it, love it!

Now, with this, YOU talk to me, but I don’t talk to you. If you wanna talk to your Mother, whatever, that’s fine. She’ll answer you in Her way, but really, if you do that then I’ll  know that it’s just your way of trying to get to me. Do what you gotta do.

If you wanna talk to me, go behind the wall over there — oh, and don’t forget, I like prose! But, like I said, I’ll hear you, but I’m not gonna talk to you.

Now, If you REALLY wanna talk to me, go to your Cousin Louie! Now…your Cousin Louie has been training all his life to be able to talk to me, so I will talk to HIM. But, not to you.

You talk to Cousin Louie, Cousin Louie talks to Me, I talk to Cousin Louie…but, I don’t talk to you.”

What the hell is that?!

Pentacle altar candleOf course the Grand Creator / Great Spirit wants to connect with us — “as above, so below.” If we have two-way communication in the microcosm, then why shouldn’t the rules apply on the macro? Now, as I said, we have gone too far, too faded, and too jaded for the big show now, but we do have these codes. They’re called Omens. Signs. And Signals.

The rules actually do apply. Decipher the codes, find the Miracles.

They happen everywhere, all the time. The only way to see it is by releasing the illusion of control and removing the blinders of “chance.” There is really no such thing as coincidence. In fact, even the word literally means “incidents that work together.” Everything has a reason and even the hardest cynic can’t deny that they later discover that every choice that is made, whether it be good, bad, or otherwise, will later lead to purposeful consequences. We may believe we’re all headed to different destinies in the end, but that doesn’t mean that we’re totally separate on the journey. If you take a left, it goes here — take a right, it goes there. Speed bumps, roadblocks, rest stops, and marketplaces are all part of the human condition, whatever you think it means. And every highway has its billboards.

Earlier this year, my mother died. Few weeks after that, one of my musical heroes, Clive Burr (Iron Maiden) passed away. With this, I was moved to write (“Maiden Voyage” ) and describe both their influences while exploring how Maiden’s mysterious, illuminating shadow has always found its way to signal my passing the trials by fire, even when I think I’ve been scorched to the bone – and there have been a lot of those this year. Not just the death of my mother, but changing jobs, getting swindled by jobs, heartbreaks, and hardships.


“Iron Maiden’s gonna get you”…or whatever it is that’s gonna get your attention.

2013 has been challenging and it’s not letting up, either, as I am now in the process of moving, as well. It’s a lot for anyone, let alone a single woman and a bird.  But, before the spiral began in December, I learned that Maiden was going to be playing in my resident town of Austin.

I put that date on my calendar in big letters. It had been over 12 years since I had last seen them live and as I had kept up with their tour reports, I had kept up my hopes until the madness lost its method around March. The draining of accounts, the draining of resources, and the occasional draining of the faith, led to the draining of the dream.

There was just no way. I had too many other priorities that needed attention. A concert was just simply a luxury I could not afford. It wasn’t meant to happen. But, I was able to shrug it off as best I could for the most part. “That’s okay. I have what really matters and I’m still here,” and I just kept on going. I put in my 60 day notice and now ready to move onward in more ways than one.

Then, an incredibly random IM message from a Sister (Wiccan)-friend from across the world hit my Facebook inbox: “Hey! Do you like Iron Maiden?”

I sipped my coffee, raised my eyebrow and I answered pretty much like, “Yeah, about as much as breathing.  What’s up?”

“Did you know that they’re playing in Austin?”

And the heart sank. I had blissfully tried to forget. “Sigh…yes, I know. Unfortunately. Why do you torture me so?”

“Well, I think I owe you a belated birthday present, so I bought you a ticket. Hope you can find a way there. Have a great time!”

Shit you not.

“Elation” does not even begin to describe what I was experiencing, until I came to the harsh realization that although I may have a ticket to get in, I didn’t have a way to get there nor the money to do so. I don’t have independent transportation (well, with my lifestyle, I don’t really need it) and even if I took a bus, it would be late and I’d still need a place to stay overnight. So, again, with my chest in my stomach, I was just about ready to make alternative plans to sell my precious gift when one of my clients who was late in paying me suddenly paid up.

With interest.


And there it was. With that, I am going to see Maiden. What’s even better is that I found the perfect friend to go with who loves heavy metal but has never seen them live, which is more like an experience than a show. With the extra money, I was able to pass the blessing.

On the surface, it’s all so very, “Wow, that’s so cool! Oh you’re so lucky!” And yes, it’s very, very cool on so many levels. Later, my friend admitted to me, “Yeah, it was just really weird how I found out about it, too.” She’s in Afghanistan…Yeah, ya think?!

Yet, as special and exciting as this is to me, I couldn’t help thinking about that crossed out box on my calendar. I pondered what I may have said or done or even what the theme behind this could mean. But, while giving thanks and allowing life to happen in the meantime, the absolute best answer I can muster is, “Well, maybe I just listened?”

After all, if someone you love is listening, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to say something, too?

Lights Calling



About T. Ray

Writer, visual artist, student, musician, and "armchair nutritionist." She currently resides in Vegas with her jenday conure and two beloved rescue cockatoos. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). While pursuing her degree in Journalism/Media Studies at UNLV, she continues to contend that all things come down to food and Star Wars. Contact:
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