What To Expect For 2014

ClimateChange0304132013 delivered a lot more than was promised.

“6,” being the number of Resources, Work, and Peace Between Conflicts did not disappoint, though the year was rather loud about it. Stories of injustice and collective standing for one’s rights kept the media busy while individuals changed jobs, started working, or started new careers altogether. Those in relationships found out if they were with the right partner and those “wookin’ pa nub” either found their “nub” or found themselves. One way or another, the Universe provided karma and what we needed, even if we didn’t like it.

But, the surprise that the “6” delivered was all the Death.


deaths in 2013 Adeaths in 2013 BI have been working the numbers for nearly 20 years and not once did I ever think to correlate “Peace” with actual, physical “Death.”  2013 brought so much loss in nearly every community: Music, Politics, Film, Writing, TV, even pets and in the family – my own mother, included. The list is so great it would be unreasonable to chalk it up to mere coincidence. Energy is energy, vibrations jeffhanneman-380x296bring consequence. As it happens, most of these deaths were those who clive burrwere of great age or have been suffering. Very few were traumatic or really shocking. Peace was truly delivered in its most tremendous sense, though we are all greatly saddened by their absence.

ray harryhausen

But, now we look ahead to 2014: a “7” year. Whatever we didn’t learn last year, we sure as hell going to now!

7 is the number of Higher Learning, Understanding, and Elevated Thinking. This will be a great year for students, of course, and those who are looking to learn new skills. But, it will also be a great time for introspection and self-discovery as well. The best way to move forward is to better understand where you are, first. Acceptance of the present is key in order to truly be able to look forward.

pun328-globe-light-bulb-world-map16Expect a bit more selfishness from yourself and others this year. Now, I know reading that may send your hairs to stand on end, but if you’ve been giving, giving, giving, giving then 2014 may give you the clue-by-four upside the head that it’s time to receive a little. It’s also a good time to go through your finances and assets and truly see what you have on hand and think about the best way to invest in yourself.

The stronger you are, the stronger your world will be.

2014 will say, “Put your own oxygen mask on first before you help others with theirs.”

2014 will also call upon you to examine your connection with others. Are you sympathetic to those around you? Are you affected by the community as a whole? Do you really have genuine faith in the Grand Creator By Many Names or do you just dutifully recite what you were taught? Are you living vicariously through your children? Are you co-dependent on others to provide you with confidence? Do you feel valuable?

Who are you?

Once you understand that a little better, then you can better understand the choices you’ve made, the people you attract, the things you believe, and all that you love. It’s time to understand that whoever you are, whatever you are, or wherever you are, you are here, you are not alone, and you are necessary.

3rd eye higher thinking

Many blessings,


About T. Ray

Writer, visual artist, student, musician, and "armchair nutritionist." She currently resides in Vegas with her jenday conure and two beloved rescue cockatoos. She is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi). While pursuing her degree in Journalism/Media Studies at UNLV, she continues to contend that all things come down to food and Star Wars. Contact: verteram@unlv.nevada.edu
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