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Don’t Tell Me “No.”

Dear College Career Counselor, I’d like to thank you again for your time. I called for help and you answered. That, in itself, is more generous than I can express. I believe you have a good heart with good intentions. … Continue reading

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Psychic Episodes — The Facebook Page (Because a Blog’s Just Not Enough!)

HEY! In case you didn’t know, I happen to have a fabulous Facebook Page: Psychic Episodes: The (a)Musings of the World of Divination Everything you want to know (but may be afraid to ask) about Tarot, Runes, Scrying, Crystals, Evocation, … Continue reading

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When The Psychic is Wrong…

Even Nostradamus had his off days.  It’ll happen. Now, we all know and accept that there’s no way that every psychic can read for every client.  It’s energetically implausible.  That’s like saying every driver can drive any vehicle or every … Continue reading

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Ray, Where the Flyin’ Have You Been??

I’m so sorry for my absence, dear friends – it’s not easy taking over the world…(“Even smiling makes my face ache.” — Dr. Frankenfurter, Rocky Horror Picture Show). Seriously, Mercury’s getting his gloves on and I think his manager’s absent … Continue reading

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