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Don’t Tell Me “No.”

Dear College Career Counselor, I’d like to thank you again for your time. I called for help and you answered. That, in itself, is more generous than I can express. I believe you have a good heart with good intentions. … Continue reading

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Get a “Real” Job

Remember Fraggle Rock? I loved Fraggle Rock. Remember the Doozers, the little construction people that made these inexplicable structures that the Fraggles found tasty, but they didn’t mind because it gave them an excuse to build some more? There was … Continue reading

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Yes, I AM A F***ing Writer!

One of the reasons why I left New York is because I couldn’t take all the plastic. Plastic cards, plastic faces, plastic personalities — The stench of fake couldn’t be masked no matter how expensive or exquisite the perfume. I … Continue reading

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