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Don’t Tell Me “No.”

Dear College Career Counselor, I’d like to thank you again for your time. I called for help and you answered. That, in itself, is more generous than I can express. I believe you have a good heart with good intentions. … Continue reading

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What To Expect For 2015

2014, a “7” year, definitely delivered. 7, the number of Higher Learning and Elevated Understanding, laid the foundation for promoting universal awareness in socio-political platforms, as well as interpersonal issues. In my country, alone, we saw its influence in civil … Continue reading

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When You KNOW The Ship Is Sinking…

There’s nothing worse. Whether it be in romance, family, career, wherever, whatever, there is nothing more frustrating than being able to see the iceberg, but no matter what you say or do, the captain just refuses to turn the wheel. … Continue reading

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There’s No Point If You’re Not Ready

You’d be amazed how many times when I’m asked, “When am I gonna find love?” or “When am I gonna have a real career?” that I see there have been opportunities passed up. First, of course, there’s the denial, obviously. … Continue reading

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The American Dream, The Applicant’s Nightmare

Aah, the “American Dream” — No wonder why I drink so much coffee. Today, I happen to be very blessed. I’m doing what I have loved to do since I was 11, full time, and I’ve never been happier in … Continue reading

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