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Why I Could Never Be A Cougar

(May or may not be taken from an actual conversation…You figure it out). 19-year old Redhead: Hey, beautiful. Looking for a good time? Me: Oh my Goddess, are you serious? You’re barely legal! How about you give me a call … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t My BFF In Love With Me, Too?

You two are inseparable! Everywhere you go, they go. You speak the same language, eat the same food, can talk the same talk, walk the same walk, maybe even have a little kissy-kissy now and again.  However the dynamic, all … Continue reading

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Ms Ray’s Greatest Hits: Worst Online “Icebreakers”

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I, like thousands of others, am on an online dating site. I work nights and weekends which pretty much cuts into any real opportunity to meet someone in person and it increases my chances … Continue reading

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Big, Bad, Scary Love

“I need to stop thinking that I’m gonna be okay and everything is going to be okay if just this one thing were to magically happen.” – Vanessa, “Obsessed” season 1, episode 11 I am so scared. As much as … Continue reading

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I Hate You! Go Away! Where’s My Ring?

And here is where I may come across as an insensitive meanie. I’m a student of human nature, as you know, and puzzle-solver. So, when a mystery is presented before me, I can’t resist going into “Agatha Christie” mode to … Continue reading

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