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Poetry Is Crap

  Poetry is crap. It’s a process, it’s processed It’s crap. It clogs the mind Stops up the speech It limits and rivets and shortens its reach. Jazzin’ and jivin’ “Look at this piece I’m drivin’!” Poetry is crap. Snap … Continue reading

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The Tower: Hello Disaster, My Old Friend…

Anyone who does Tarot and who’s worth their salt will always mention the “scary cards” to the virgin clients.  The reason for this is because you can’t take everything you see at face value. Death is a scary looking card, … Continue reading

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Want Love? Get Real!

Romance is a marketable gold mine. The men are shown time and time again they will be rewarded with their very own bikini beauty for their great heroic deeds, while the women are promised Prince Charming will save them from … Continue reading

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Shrink or Psychic?

You can’t give hope to the hopeless. No matter how you try, whatever you say, the defeatist will defeat you every time: Me: “Your job is incredibly toxic. However, I’m seeing that there are opportunities to transfer –” Client: “No, … Continue reading

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Big, Bad, Scary Love

“I need to stop thinking that I’m gonna be okay and everything is going to be okay if just this one thing were to magically happen.” – Vanessa, “Obsessed” season 1, episode 11 I am so scared. As much as … Continue reading

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The Sadistic Ways Men Break Up With Women

I love men.  I really, genuinely do! I believe people are primarily good and I believe that more often than not, we all do the wrong things for the right reasons.  I’m also aware that the title is grossly generalizing … Continue reading

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